Making Najak's Ghee

Raw milk is mixed with cream and left to culture for 18-36 hours dependent on ambient temperature. During the winter the English climate means some heating is needed.

The result is a rich acidic dhei ready for churning.

Cultured butter straight from the churn

No more than 50 litres are churned at one time. The ice used for cooling the cream is made on site with distilled water to ensure no unwanted minerals or off flavours make their way into the butter.  The churn is connected to a timer and controller which are adjusted to make sure that there is no heat buildup which would melt the ice and reduce the yield. As you can see above the beads of newly formed cultured butter are lifted out of the icy buttermilk and into a tray.

Newly formed butter and ghee are magnets for anything soluble so great care is taken to avoid prolonged handling and exposure to the immediate environment.

Once the product is ready to be heated for clarification only stainless steel, ceramic and glass come into direct contact with the Ghee

Clarification takes place right away in a temperature controlled stainless steel bath for as long as it takes for the milk solids to drop out and then after separation using an unbleached organic muslin the ghee is heated once more only briefly to drive out any remaining moisture– which results in a flaky fragrant ghee with the maximum possible CLA and fat soluble vitamin content.  

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